Sammy Miller Moto Italiano Day

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Sammy Miller Moto Italiano Day

Postby minetymenace » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:08 pm

As this is not specifically BSA I have posted this in "Off Topic".

This Sunday the Sammy Miller Museum, is hosting a Moto Italiano Day.

Free entry to probably the best motorcycle museum in the country. A collection of bikes that has been put together because each machine has some special engineering significance (e.g. You will find a Fury, but not a Bonneville). As it is an Italian day, Sammy (who is no spring chicken) will drag the Italian bikes out of the museum and thrash (and I mean thrash) them round the car park. The crowd is separated from this hooligan activity by authentic health and safety barriers (a few traffic cones) with aural protection provided by attendee's index fingers inserted in appropriate orifices.

If you have a day free, I thoroughly recommend this special day at a fascinating museum in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forrest.

I'll be taking my Lemon (with pert breasts).
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