BSA "Works" Bikes - Help B50 MXers wanted

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BSA "Works" Bikes - Help B50 MXers wanted

Post by gpvictor » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:34 am

It is intended that one of the features off the Off-road Show next February shall be a selection of ex-works bikes from BB32/34 Goldstar to B50.The bikes will be supported by Mainstage interviews/conversations with Jack Burnicle and, amongst others Jeff Smith, Alan Lampkin , Norman Hanks........
What are needed are some bikes. What we are particularly short of are B50 MXers. I know there are contributors to this forum (some Dutch enthusiasts maybe) who have B50s with ex-works engines and frames. If you are willing to lend a bike to this enterprise, please contact me. As far as I know no-one has tried to get a collection of works BSA machinery together or to document the history of that mid to late 60s period. If you have any of the following which might have a works connection,we would like to communicate with you - C15T/S swan-neck, C15T welded, Titanium frames, narrow lugged B50 frame or engine, some frames were extensively lightened, magnesium components (fork legs, crankcases), titanium components (footrests, handlebars, brake plates, kickstart lever.
Please send me a pm

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Re: BSA "Works" Bikes - Help B50 MXers wanted

Post by minetymenace » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:50 am

gpvictor....publishing your e-mail address on a publicly visible forum is an open invitation for junk mail or worse. I realise that you are after as many participants as possible, but might I suggest using the pm system instead? You can edit your own post and put you address back in there, but I have removed it for safety reasons.
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