Raysons; a visit to the 'shop.

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Raysons; a visit to the 'shop.

Post by beesa71 » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:59 pm

Many of you will know the Raysons (that's Raysons Exhausts) personally, many of you will have already heard of the Raysons, some of us had the pleasure of meeting and competing against their dad on the race track back in the 90's.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting them in their 'shop for the first time. A duty visit for an overseas member of this forum (in fact, that very same one mentioned recently in my Telford Show report) took me up into deepest Lancashire to the district of Whitworth, the North side of Rochdale for those who have passed across the Pennines on the M62 but haven't heard of Whitworth other than in connection with some of their ancient spanners!

We opened the sample CCM exhaust I took with me from its packaging (the duty bit) and them spent the next two hours chatting about all things bent tubular and brazed assemblies. How the time passed by so quickly.

Fascinating to hear how their grandad and dad both had long history in the classic bike world - the days though when they were our ride to work bikes and also our sunday best to burn up the lanes on the way to Oulton Park (for me at least, on my Gold Star). Look up Unity Equipe and Unibend and you'll find some terrific stuff.

They occupy the very same premises their dad occupied before his untimely passing and it was left untouched until recently when they sought the help of grandad to open the doors, learn the skills and get cracking in the art of old school tube bending.

The tools, equipment, machines and paraphernalia of the art would look no more out of place in any industrial heritage museum and one can't help but gaze wishfully for the opportunity to be the one that re-starts the capstan lathe after nearly 20 years........

You'll hopefully get a good feeling as to what the place looks like from the pictures below; Ben and Tom weren't posing with the drawing, the were genuinely showing me it as a part for the BSA MC1 250cc 'worldbeater' road race machine that was never raced because guarantees that it would achieve that aim could not be given - years ago grandad had been asked to make some parts for the rebuild of the, then, remaining machines. And the pipes hanging from the rafters? Well, that gives a clue to the range of pipes Unibend use to make and which they will no doubt have a go at if you should commission them to make a pipe for you. I perhaps shouldn't say this here (but I will) but their speciality then was Triton machines and their components.

Visitors to the Telford Show will have seen their pipes and mega's on a number of CCM's there, many on Rod Spry's stand being just a few I gather.

So, on time to leave I realised I hadn't really achieved the objective of the visit and we twizzled the CCM pipe round a few times and the lads concluded they could do it no problem, it's really one of the their 'range' of CCM pipes and only a couple of minor tweaks will be required to meet the needs of the overseas member.

On the basis of my visit I'd offer the suggestion that if you want a hand bent, unique, custom (what a horrid modern word) exhaust then give them a call, go and see them and spend your money on old school skills...... we need to keep them alive. Clearly those skills could easily have disappeared from Whitworth but they are very much on their way back for sure.

I came away with two other ''projects' the the lads, both for OIF machines (one with a Mead & Tomkinson connection), watch some space or other.....

See them on the 'net at http://www.raysonsuk.com or call Ben on 07908 520414. Also on Facebook for news of what they are up to.

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Re: Rayson's; a visit to the 'shop.

Post by HPbyStan » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:12 am

My goodness, do they lube stuff with R40 ? I met Ben on Facebook, turns out we know some of the same people.

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Re: Raysons; a visit to the 'shop.

Post by minetymenace » Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:58 pm

Stan wrote:turns out we know some of the same people
J Watt, R Trevithick & J Bazalgette to name a but a few...
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