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NIKON P100 road test, sound in need of repair. Bike good.

Posted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:49 am
by britgaskets
I have to find the Amal that worked well as it was spitting and chuffing at stops two times.
First 1080P HD privateer BSA vid? LOL! It looks like a slide show at 480+ on my old computer so hope someone with good tech sees the 1080p smooth.

A long way from the VHS machine strapped to my back, a sony watchcam door video camera and a 12 volt invertor powering a 120AC plug in adapter for the gear!
This was the 8mm upgrade but still crude. The bike is not ready for ride below, maybe a week of checking nuts and screws first. This is the road they smoothed out for 2010 olympic party that cost billion or two and generated 35 million in local boost. Should have left the road as it was now wanna be millionaires can wrap thier v12's and porsches around trees at 150mph + as well as squids. Shame, scary roads save lives! people are more careful and there is no illusion of safety. The Nikon HD up there in morning sun to back oh my!

-Crabbing trip tomorrow over the Iron workers bridge.