Tidy Electrics Box Wiring

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Tidy Electrics Box Wiring

Postby minetymenace » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:50 am

Following an abortive attempt to ride to Cassington last month, I was recovered home with my points sparking away so much that the engine wouldn’t run. The condenser was the obvious cause so the <12fs was laid up for a few days while a few microfarads were delivered by snail.

Some days past and a little green box containing a capacitor made by the Prince of Darkness himself (or more probably one of his Asian minions) dropped on my door mat. I dived into the birds nest to replace the condenser only to discover the real cause; one of the terminals on the ignition switch was hitting the points connection on the condenser, putting a direct short across the battery when the points closed. Easy fix with a spacer on the ignition switch, and was about to Google “Bower Bird” to see how it all went back together, and I had a thought……….don’t get too excited, this is not the scathingly brilliant idea you might assume, more of an Ann Elk brontosaurus theory.

It goes something like this: The Baldrick given the task of wiring the electrics box on oif singles must have had a plan, just maybe a cunning plan, but it seems his plan never made it to the shop floor let alone the owners of these machines. What if there was a way of laying out the electrics box wires so they were tidy? Well there is a way, and I photographed every step, and when I get a few minutes I’ll write up the way I think the designer intended the wiring to be done.
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