Gear cluster exploded

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Gear cluster exploded

Postby b50root » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:35 am

Gearbox shown is 1966 and on.

Gear cluster exploded.

A- Mainshaft sleeve pinion ( Top Gear )
B- Mainshaft sleeve pinion thrust washer.
C- Mainshaft.
D- Mainshaft sliding gear ( Second Gear ).
E- Mainshaft third gear thrust washer.
F- Mainshaft third gear.
G- Mainshaft bottom gear.
H- Layshaft bottom gear shim.
J- Layshaft bottom gear.
K- Layshaft sliding gear ( Third gear ).
L- Layshaft second gear.
M- Layshaft.
N- Layshaft thrust washer.

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