21 March 2000

The first British Bike over the new bridge between Sweden and Denmark was a BSA.
And it was my BSA B50!!

the bridge

The bridge is opening for commercial trafic on the 1 of July year 2000.

the bridge

80 Meter over sea level ( It´s High!!! )
The cabletower in the background is over 200 m high.

the bridge
On my way back to land after my visit on the bridge.

the bridge
On my way back in the sun set.

Location of the bridge.

All photos on this page is taken by Tina Widerberg.

Per Ståhl and Mats Williamson at Sundlink Contractors HB helpt me to come on the bridge before enybody else.

Thanks for your help and support. Rickard


Updated 2000-04-07
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