Calculate Cam degree

Next place your DTI in a push rod conected to the inlet cam follower ( The outer one ).

No need to have two clocks, I just have it to be sure that the timing wheel don´t move.

Rotate the engine in it's normal direction, anticlockwise from the clutch side.
Find the lowest point on the cam and zero set your DTI.

Slowly rotate the crank ( Still anticlockwise ) again untill the DTI reads 1mm.
Note the degrees in the cell "Before TDC" A1

Continue to rotate the crank anticlockwise until the DTI reads 1mm again on the oppsite side of the cam lobe.
Make a note of the degrees in the cell "After BDC" A2

Cell "Calculated Cam Degree" shows the Calculated Cam Degree After TDC A3

You could also calculate by your self:
Add both figures together. Mine were 40 and 60.
Add to this 180. Then divide by 2.
Take away your opening figure from your answer (40).
This gives you your full lift position of the inlet lobe After TDC.

So mine was 40 + 60 + 180 = 280
280/2 = 140
140 - 40 = 100 degrees After TDC

A1 Degree Before TDC
A2 Degree after BDC
A3 Calculated Cam Degree After TDC
Next Step, mount Marks vernier pinion gears

© Rickard Nebrér