About This Database

This is WWW.B50.ORGs databases for BSA unit singles owners, and is a free to use database.
This will work on all BSA B50 SS/T/MX, B25 SS/T/FS 1970-1974.
BSA C15,C25,B25,B40 and B44 1959-1970
Triumph T50 & T25 1971-1973.
Sorry no CCM, Cheneys or others. Mayby later.

All you have to do is click in the "Add Me" bottom in the menu at top. In this page you will add some information about your bike or bikes. You need your engine or frame code!

We are also asking for your email address ( but its only the database owners that can access that)
In a couple of days we will ad when your bike was shipped from factory ( This is done manually, reading BSA despatch records Only 1971-1973)
We will also ad the delivery address and country. So be patient, if we find it we will ad it, Only 1971-1973.

You will also be able to sort the database after model, frame no, location and when.
Note: Some of the records could be hard to read ( handwritten ) and some records are also mixed up, Only 1971-1973.

This free database is provided by B50.ORGs forum members. Thanks for all help.
Tech about the database: Written by Rickard Nebrer in PHP and uses mysql.

If you want to change something in your records. Please e mail me Here

Rickard Nebrer