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My own history

I bought my B50 in the year of 1983. At first sight it was an ugly bike, not at all like the old ones. But after trying it I loved the bike. The bike had Acront alloy rims, 34 mm Amal mk2 carburettor, Vincent handlebar, MX camshaft, mowed back footrests and changed exhaust system. The bike took me and my wife on several long journeys during our holidays. In 1987 on our way home from UK the bike broke down in Denmark.
The conrod took a look inside the gearbox, and made a big hole in the crankcase. Today the crankcase is welded and the conrod is replaced with a Carillo conrod. Piston and cylinderliner are also replaced.
My own preparations is a 1.5 mm plate under the cylinder, 19-47 sprockets with 5/8-3/8 chain, H4 in the headlamp, 3 phase alternator and Boyer ignition system. The bike still going strong.
Still makes wheelies when you change in to second gear with 4,5940 ratio!!.
This is the only bike that I know that can leave a street behind with a string of car alarms beeping.

This is how the bike look 2004.

At The Bridge
Photo is taken by Tina Widerberg.

Hard working B50 on holyday
Me and my BSA B50ss (1971).
Outside The National Motorcycle Museum.
Birmingham, UK.

This is a picture of Lottes B50 and my son 7 year´s old
Me and my son Osgar om my ex Wifes
BSA B50 ss (1971).

A piece of Brick from the BSA plant Ex Bsa Motorcycle factory
My bike at Armory road Birmingham.( The old BSA plant )

B50 SS
Photo is taken by Tina Widerberg.

Let the people hear you comming
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