Martin Smiths´s BSA B50 Racer

BSA B50 Racer
Martin Smith´s BSA B50 Racer.
Warwickshire UK.

The bike was acquired in '76 from an ex - competition shop employee. It was ridden in the Classic Club in the mid eighties by Robert Peabody, and scored quite a few good placings - 1st at Pembry, Wales; 3rd at Donnington Park "Race of the Year" and fastest lap when Robert forgot to switch the ignition on at the start!; and a memorable 3rd place at Mallory Park in an unlimited Classic race being beaten on the last lap only by a 900cc Trident, and an 850 Commando - the first 500cc after the B50 was 7th! Recently it has been with Luke Notton of the CRMC.

Martin Smith
BSA B50 Racer BSA B50 Racer
BSA B50 Racer

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