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Mark Keyser´s 1970 BSA B25 Starfire.
Connecticut (USA)

It still has the original tires on it. (36 years old)

I discovered last night after checking the serial numbers, that the bike
is actually a 1969. It was built in April of that year. It was first
sold, here in Connecticut (USA) at Romeo's Motorcycles in 1970. I
believe that I'm the third owner of the bike. It sat, for years in the
second owner's cellar. The old BSA currently has about 6900 miles
registering on the odometer.

I purchased it late last Fall and have replaced some of the worn out
rubber parts (footpegs, speedometer housing, etc.) and I plan to sell it
in August at the upcoming BSA Rally which is to be held in Brimfield.

Mark Keyser

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