Nick Garcia ´s BSA B50 Racer

Nick Garcia ´s BSA B50 Racer.

Here is an update of my B50 as it stands now.
The frame has been re-raked and the seat stubes modified to allow the fitment of
a 38 mm Mikuni with an intake extension. It has a custom made Chromoly square
section rear swingarm. The engine benefits from a ported and polished head with
oversize valves, megacycle cam, and an1-3/4" exhaust.

I have to thank Ed Valiket from E&V performance for all of his engine parts and
advice. He builds fantastic B50 racers that compete in AHRMA.
He can be reached at E&V Engineering (231) 937-6515 or

The tank and the seat have not been finally fitted but they are close to where
they will be in this photo. I picked up a great alloy fender for the rear and I
think I may go with just a fork brace on the front. The rear set mounts have not been
finally fitted either, though you can see the blanks in the picture.
These are made of 1/2" aluminum plates that I have mounted to the frame.
They will be trimmed for lightness and aesthetics after I have determined the
final position for the pegs.

Speaking of the tank, how about that? It was an e-bay find.
It had been butchered to fit on a Triumph twin but I saw it for what it was.
Andrew Cowell refurbished it and his work was impeccable.

Check out the polished and vented front and rear hubs. Rims are alloy flanged
and the spokes are stainless, all polished.
All polishing other than the tank was done by Wayne Kronk.

Thanks again for a great web page. I also have to thank AHRMA regulars Craig Breckon, Ed Valiket, Don Jagger, Andrew Cowell, and Wayne Kronk.
I will keep you updated as I get closer to completing it.

Nick Garcia

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