San "Pepino" Millan´s

Agustin Fernandez tuned BSA B50 Racer.
Santander Spain.

BSA B50 Racer
I have good news for the lovers of our great unit B50 singles.
This bike perfectly tuned for my friend Agustin Fernandez who ran one
business of British motorcycles in the north of Spain gave us another
satisfation the last weekend 8 August (2004).

We was racing at La Bañeza GP Spain at the 45th. edition of the best classic race in Spain,
one street race like Isle of Man with 30.000 spectators along the circuit.

BSA B50 Racer
I was second, Phil Read was first at practice, Phil with one new ASBAF DBD 34 brand new,
6 speeds, magnesium, close ratio,etc,etc.

On the race I did one very good start and I was leading the race antil the 6 lap when I
had one mistake changing down one gear,Phil won and I was second,
trying to get to Phil I did the race time lap record and the absolute
lap time record of the circuit in my class.

Nobody was ever and no other bike was faster there than I and that our
magic Birmingham bike.

BSA B50 Racer
I won there five times and the last two years I had mecanical problems,
I´m very popular and after the race the crowd took me on their shoulders,
all was a incredible magic spectacle.

This year is good for us,I won at The Thundersprint in May against modern bikes also,
look the web of The Thundersprint.
BSA B50 Racer
Here you have pictures of England and La Bañeza.
BSA B50 Racer

BSA B50 Racer

My tuner and I were at The Thundersprint in Engand the 9th of May and I won
all was perfect,I won in my class and I did the third time of the day (modern bikes included).

We beated a lot modern bikes with the little B50 wonderfull tuned for my friend Agustin.
I won there in 1999,2000,2001.I was second last year (2003) and won again now.
I do not know if I sent you our history of wins with our little and wonderfull B50?
I won five times in a row at the Spanish TT at La Bañeza 1997,1998,1999,2000,and 2001.

I won the all the National Championships in our 500CC class the 1999 year
( Trophy Interautonomico,Trophy RACE,Chapionship of Madrid,Championship of Castilla La Mancha
and Spanish Trophy National Classic Bikes ).

My tuner own one busines specialiced in british bikes ( AF MANX MOTOR).
My sponsor, tuner and friend Agustin Fernandez
is the key of my results and he´s a great man,
I´m very greatefull.

BSA B50 Racer

Photo by Frank & Carol Melling

Here you have two pictures that Carol Melling took at the last Bañeza Race (2003)
when I was second until 100 metres before the finsh line, in the last lap,
when my pushrods say goodbye. Phil Read won the race.

BSA B50 Racer

Photo by Frank & Carol Melling

BSA B50 Racer
Photo by Frank & Carol Melling

At Thundersprint 1999 had Pepino the outstanding performance of the day. The Spanish classic champion cleared off and won the 500 class by a huge margin and came setting the fastest time of the day. A fantastic riding on a 500cc push-rod single with a road frame.

Frank Melling.

BSA B50 Racer
Photo by Gerry Hedderwick ( UK )

Photo taken at Cadwell Park (UK) 2003

BSA B50 Racer
Photo by Gerry Hedderwick ( UK )

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