Not a B50 but definitely a complete fu$# up!

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Not a B50 but definitely a complete fu$# up!

Post by Sundodger »

I'm a member of the BMW R9t forum and thought I'd share this picture with you all. The gentleman who posted it was attempting to remove his oil filter and when it wouldn't budge he resorted to violence by punching a screwdriver through it, and the engine case as it happens. I immediately thought of the advice in the Rupert Ratio books about stopping, taking a step back and having a brew when things don't go to plan. The perpetrator of this crime obviously didn't read Rupert!
Screen Shot 2022-12-24 at 8.45.54 am.png
And the irony of it all is that the ragged remains of the oil filter are still well and truly attached to the engine.

My younger Brother tried a similar trick many years ago on a car he owned and managed to put the screwdriver not only through the filter but also completely through the palm of his hand that for reasons best known to him were cupping the opposite side of the filter, ouch!

The poster lives in Switzerland and as I was reading his tale of woe I immediately thought that he would probably benefit from some Engineering training from Beat ;-)

Happy Christmas to all, Cheers from The Sundodger <219
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Re: Not a B50 but definitely a complete fu$# up!

Post by beat »

Lucky, stock BSA's do not have a oil filter.
how knows what would be possible....

beat :lol:
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