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Decided to make a trailer in case my B50 ever needed recovering after a breakdown. Design goals were that it should take a B50 or slightly bigger bike, have no loose bits i.e. ramp and lights should be a permanent part of the trailer and it should stack against the wall of my workshop so it didn't take up too much room.
Bought a trailer kit (wheels, axle units, lights, hitch etc) and some steel and made a start.
Trial fit. Hinge on light/ramp section needed revising so it would fold flat for storage.
Structure complete including revised ramp hinge.
Ready to send for galvanising.
Back from galvanising. It took most of a day to drill the zinc out of holes and re-tap threads but it looks good.
Stacked against wall with removable front section off and ramp folded flat.

Of course it cost more than buying a trailer :cry:
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Re: Trailer

Post by beat »

hi basif

nice job, - but it seams to me as you do not trust much in to your BSA :laugh

(maybe you know him to good ?? )

beat :mrgreen:
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