Return Oil modification By Rickard Nebrer

This is a thing that I have read in BSA OC (UK) magazine,
and have worked very well for me under approx 10 year´s.

This is a the problem with the B50 OIF design.
The lower part of the frame ( under the seat ) is lower than the steering head
and the oil take-off is at the bottom of the front down tube.

The oil in the lower part of the frame is newer used.
This is how to fix that.

Picture 1

Connect outlet C and B with a T under the engine.
Use a double male brake pipe on the frame and a female connection with a pipe. ( picture 2 )


Picture 2


A: Rear oil drain on frame
B: Upper part have the same thread as in the frame. 3/8" UNF Male brake tube adaptor
Lower part have same thread as C
C: This part is the female connection
D: This is a brake pipe
E: This is the double male (B) brake pipe seen from top.

Updated 2003-10-02
© Rickard Nebrér