Steve´s BSA B50 Racer

I had mixed results from racing this year. Bike was fast but unreliable.
Main problems were with the primary drive and the gearbox.
Started with belt drive but failed to finish a race in the first 3 meetings due to belts stripping teeth.
Next meeting at lydden finished 8th with only 1st and 4th gear.

Fited a NEB clutch with chain drive and undercut gear dogs with greatly improved reliability but only
mid field positions (due to rider not bike).

Most promising outing was a straight 1/4 mile sprint at 12.9 secs 105mph terminal.
Which was quicker than i expected.

I am fitting an oil filter between the pump and big end and more tuning mods this winter
to improve performance and reliability for next season.



Thought you might like to see my b50 in action at mallory park.
I fitted a fairing and disc brake since last season as well as an in
line (pressure side) oil filter and line contact rockers.

Reliability seemed to be improved until I stripped the teeth
from the layshaft top gear.Still I finished well over 100 laps
(2 practice sessions + 1 race day) and a dyno session
without a re-build which is better than last year.


Updated 12:50 2004-05-05
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