I try to kick and kick and kick and kick, but it never starts. Triumph ;-) T25 Photo. Triumph T25

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Jan Arve Barstad ( Norway )
Triumph Blazer T25T 1971

I found this bike in a barn of a property that recently sold. It had last been registered in 1978. It is a 1971 model year. It has 2860 miles on the odometer and appears to have many original parts including tires. The motor was stuck but not damaged. I replaced the piston and rings and resurfaced the valves. The bike runs like new. I would be interested in finding some original side covers. The bike is for sale.

Ralph hudson

Josh Withers '71 Triumph T25ss Trail Blazer

Brad Jones Triumph T25 (1971)
My ex 1971 T25 Blazer SS
( Can´t remember why the petrol tank is not fitted correctly )
Brad Jones

Making comercial for Triumph Dogfood!!
Lars Svanberg´s Triumph T25 (1972)
Särö Sweden.
See Engine35 kb

Triumph T25
Norm Fernengel`s ex Triumph T25 (1972)
Ontario, Canada.

Triumph T25
Håkan Cerne´s ex Triumph T25.
With BSA B50 MX engine.

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