Something about me.

Me and my beautiful wife Lottie in Turkey 2003.

I'm born in 1958 in Malmoe (south of Sweden). I have two brothers and one sister.

I'm divorced in 1996 and have 2 children from that marriage, Osgar 1989 and Kajsa 1992. Now I'm living together with my Wife Lottie and her 3 children, Max 1988, Johanna 1990 and Tyrgrim 1994.
We are now also a support family to Isabella 3 1/2 year.

Top: Lottie, Johanna, Me, Max, Osgar and Kajsa
Bottom from left: Tyrgrim and Isabella

Today I'm working as a computer teatcher for unemployed people.

In 1982 I was starting up a British Bike Club together with my friends named KICKA TUNGT BBC. Look at the homepage.
I was starting up a BSA branch ( Southside ) together with my ex wife and Boda & Helen in 1985.
In 1999 I became the President of the Swedish BSA Owners Club ( Svenska BSA Klubben ). My friend Johan Johansson have now been taking over that role.

This page started in 1997 during a time when I was unemployed, I tryed to learn to program HTML.
after only two days on the net I had some visitors from Australia and USA.
Since then the page have just grown. At this time 153 !! pages,876 photos and illustrations.

I have been working with computers since 1990 and In 1998 I became a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Lottie and me driving a Lotus Super Seven replica.

Lottie´s ex Triumph T25 SS Blazer 1971 and me with myBSA B50 SS 1971.

Yes we have sold it.

And bought a SKODA SUPERB.

We will miss this bike.
This is a hard to get bike and I hope the new owner will be happy for it.

A Triumph Blazer SS 1971.

Bought i Stockholm Sweden. Imported from USA in 1995.
800 Km in Sweden and 800 miles in USA.
The Handlebar and the triumph badge on the tank is not original.
I have changed the oil, petrol taps and tires.
Cleaned the gas tank, oiltank, all filters and brakes.

My mother, sister and myself on a BSA B33 with sidecar.
See some more of my Ex Cars & Motorcycles

See me on the bridge

Take a ride with me on my B50

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